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No job to small for Alex Restoration

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No job to small for Alex Restoration

Alex Restoration:

What can one say about perfection. Alex Restoration did a fantastic job for us. Lester, (owner) was very knowledgeable, personable, & honest. The deal was done on a phone call, a visit, and a handshake the old fashion way. Love it.

I had a drip in one of my upstairs ceilings where the chimney flashing was pulling away. You can only use so much caulk, and we had it caulked several times over the years. I got water boarded when it rained, Its a bit annoying. The search began for a chimney flashing guy, the reviews were many but each was read and carefully analyzed by us. We choose Alex Restoration, he was also local. We called him first to be sure he would want to do a small job, he came out right away. Looked over the job, he also found- which we missed one of the top chimney stones was falling away from the chimney, also the cement cap on top was all broken up. He took a pictures to showed us.

We didn’t want the surface mount flashing where the roofer uses a ton of caulking then it drys up over the years and you end up getting water boarded. We told him we wanted the type of flashing work that you cut into the stone chimney to make a groove then put the flashing in that groove. I believe he called it reglet flashing. Came back 2 days later to start the job and finished it in 2 days. Lester was on site both days to make sure all went well. He told his guys to do some extra pointing on the chimney as well. So for a small job they did a great job! Very pleased, great price and highly recommend Alex Restoration. Thanks Lester!

LS Williams in New Castle, PA

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