Who We Are

Alex Restoration is an industry leading, full-service masonry repair and restoration solutions provider proudly serving the greater New Castle, Pittsburgh, and Erie areas. We specialize in:

Masonry Cleaning

Our professionals are trained on how to clean various types of masonry exteriors and we use a restoration detergent cleaner that is manufactured specifically for this type of cleaning. We also perform paint removal for non-lead painted buildings and homes.

Masonry Tuck Pointing

Our professionals are skilled at knowing how deep they should go when cutting out a mortar joint, rinsing the joint properly and installing the new mortar, so that it adheres to the existing mortar and masonry (brick or stone). We are also adept at matching the mortar we are installing to the existing mortar on a home or building. This essential repair will not only improve the beauty of a structure but also prevent expensive future repairs.

Masonry Replacement

We replace brick, sandstone, limestone , bluestone and precast stone. Our professionals are trained to carefully cut out and remove the existing brick and stone, while also protecting the integrity of the surrounding structure.

Caulking & Waterproofing

Our professionals are trained in how to carefully remove caulking with purpose-built tools, tape off the existing masonry and install new caulking neatly, so that it blends in with the surrounding brick, stone, door frames, window frames and other material types. In addition, we specialize in the application of waterproof sealers to protect masonry and surrounding non-masonry materials (windows, doors, etc). Waterproof sealer is an inexpensive way to wick water away, protect the masonry and prevent excess repair needs for the future.

Our Work

We work on historic buildings, places of worship, industrial buildings, higher education, commercial office complexes, medical facilities, apartment buildings, and existing homes.

Bell Tower Restoration
Home Office Campus Refresh Project
Historical Restoration
Historical Restoration 

Why Choose Alex

We build and perform restoration projects that delight our customers. Our work improves the quality, integrity and beauty of each building and home we work on. Every project, every time.

Consistent Pricing

We are committed to delivering a consistent experience in how we price what we do. Whether we are working on a chimney on a home or a large scale commercial project, we utilize one tool to price all of our work.

Whatever it Takes

We believe that our customers had a choice and they chose us. So, we will do whatever it takes to deliver a great project that delights every single time.

Professional Execution

We believe that it’s our responsibility, not just to deliver a project that looks great and is structurally sound, but that it matters how we get there. Our people, systems, tools and technology all exist, so that we execute each project with speed, maximum communication, transparency and in a time frame that serves our customers. Our highly trained, supervised crews are passionate about quality workmanship.

Trusted Guarantees

Alex Restoration has a long standing reputation for standing behind our work.