What We Do

For 45 years Alex Restoration has supplied exceptional masonry repair and restoration solutions for historical, industrial, commercial buildings and homes.

Buildings We Work On:

  • Historic buildings – commercial and private use buildings 
  • Places of Worship – churches, synagogues and temple buildings 
  • Industrial – industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Higher Education – college and university campus buildings
  • Professional buildings – commercial office buildings
  • Medical facilities – hospital, clinic and specialized care buildings 
  • Apartment buildings – multi-unit apartment buildings 
  • Existing homes – older and existing homes 

Services We Provide:


In addition to improving the market value and curb appeal of a building or home, keeping a building clean helps the exterior to “breathe” so that water does not get trapped. 

Our professionals are trained on how to clean various types of masonry exteriors and we use a restoration detergent cleaner that is manufactured specifically for this type of cleaning. Utilizing a combination of pressure washing, detergent and scrubbing with brushes, we restore buildings that have years and sometimes decades of atmospheric dirt, carbon, ferrous stains and other types of staining. 

In addition to cleaning, we also perform paint removal for non-lead painted buildings and homes. Our professionals are trained in this very specialized skill. This requires specific paint removal materials, application discipline and protection. This is one of the building blocks of restoring the exterior masonry on a building and we are proud to offer it as one of our primary services.

Tuck pointing

Basic maintenance will almost always include tuck pointing. Our professionals are skilled at knowing how deep they should go when cutting out a mortar joint, rinsing the joint properly and installing the new mortar, so that it adheres to the existing mortar and masonry (brick or stone).

We are also adept at matching the mortar we are installing to the existing mortar on a home or building. This involves choosing the right mix of colors and the right sand.

Finally, once the mortar joint is struck and completed, we perform a wash down to remove  the excess mortar. This also brings out the sand crystals in the mortar itself, giving the newly pointed area a crisp, clean finished look. 

In addition to increasing the beauty of a building or home, tuck pointing is also an essential repair that if not performed, can lead to additional costly problems and expensive repairs. 


Applying waterproofing sealer to the exterior masonry creates a “one-way street” effect on the outside of a building. We accomplish this by applying both water-based and solvent based sealers. While earlier types of dealers used to coat the masonry, the products we use today penetrate and bond to the masonry, so that more of the rain runs off of the masonry and less penetrates it. 

Our professionals are trained on how to protect the surrounding non-masonry materials (windows, doors, etc) and in how to apply each of the products that we use.

Applying a waterproofing sealer to the exterior masonry is an inexpensive way to wick water away, protect the masonry and prevent excess repair needs for the future.

For a fraction of the cost of tuck pointing and replacing masonry, waterproofing is one of the smartest and most responsible ways to perform preventative maintenance on a building or home.


While caulking is the “wallflower” of our primary masonry services, it is one of the most essential. As caulking ages, it loses its elasticity and starts to harden, this eventually leads to cracking and pulling away from the brick or stone that it is there to protect. Some caulking will also develop a powder as it gets harder. 

To prevent this from happening, we recommend replacing caulking every 5-7 years.

Our professionals are trained in how to carefully remove caulking with purpose-built tools, tape off the existing masonry and install new caulking neatly, so that it blends in with the surrounding brick, stone, door frames, window frames and other material types. 

A great caulking job should blend into its surrounding materials. Our professionals understand this and deliver this result. 

Caulking is also essential to maintaining a “water tight” exterior. When water or even moisture from water gets trapped behind the outside wall of a building, it can penetrate the building’s insulation. When it does this, the insulation ceases insulating and will actually conduct energy, meaning it will pull the heat in the summertime into the building. This drives up utility bills, increasing homeowner costs. Moisture penetration also creates a freeze-thaw-heat-expansion in the masonry. This causes damage to the mortar joints and exterior masonry and leads to additional costly damage. 


We primarily replace brick, sandstone, limestone , bluestone and precast stone. Our professionals are trained to carefully cut out and remove the existing brick and stone, while also protecting the integrity of the surrounding structure. 

We are resourceful in matching newly installed brick and stone and have a network of providers that we leverage when matching brick, natural stone or precast stone. We can’t promise a perfect match, but we are proud of the results we achieve in blending newly installed materials to the existing ones.